Looking Back

Looking back at it all, everything looks further away.

How the time has flown away, swept away tide after tide, I can never fathom.

My mind is a tornado of thoughts, flinging themselves at me with such random entropy!

Looking back at it all, there are memories so distant and there are feelings so clear.

There are so many tiny specifics tucked away in the deep recesses of my mind.

There are so many thoughts that come alive suddenly, unbidden to my mind.

How sometimes I wish I could reach for an eraser and wipe them away forever, or how I regret not having captured that moment on film!

How sometimes, I begin to cry in the middle of it, and how I cannot stop laughing even before I have begun thinking about it.

Looking back at it all, I fail to remember the face of a certain person I met recently, but marvel at the memory of a face I had not seen in years.

My mind begins to act like a desert, thoughts sifting through it like sand dunes. One moment I have recalled them, the very next gone!

Looking back at it all, I feel my mind is playing tricks. With every passing year, I seem to remember certain things differently. Perhaps I have gotten wiser?

I suppose looking back at it all, makes me nostalgic, but nostalgia is hardly just it!

It is a tempest of emotions and a flurry of seasons, sweeping my heart with endless feelings.