Across the oceans and every mountain high,

Over the plains and hills and valleys that you might pass by;

The land ‘beyond’ the horizon lies.


The horizon orange during sunrise and red during sunset:

A silvery hue gradually takes over by evening-

The moon (beautiful as ever) appears in her silvery gown at night,

And sings her lullaby.

She sings about the land ‘beyond’: its peaceful and serene days and nights.


The orange horizon tells about the pleasant days;

However, the red horizon takes you back to the dark past of bloody wars: no wonder people (like you and me and everyone else), go down the memory lane: some happy, some sad

(Indeed sunsets are beautiful;

But within they hide pain: raw pain…)


Nobody knows how the land of beyond looks;

I also do wonder: (again, just like you and everyone else would wonder);

In which dimension is it situated: how does time move- fast or slow,

Is there any life or is it one of those lost lands: lost in the sands of time, in an eternal slumber;


Or it could be a mirror, reflecting things we see around us and we all will be there as well: doing what we do here (it’s a mirror of course)!


Truly ‘beyond’ is such a land, a land encompassed by mystery…

A deep mystery…a deep secret kept unknown for ages,

And still not known…..


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